House rules/Terms & Conditions

1 Drug possession, purchase, sale or use of drugs is explicitly prohibited in The Suite Amsterdam.
The Suite Amsterdam disclaims any liability or damage caused by the use or presence of drugs. Smoking is only allowed on the first floor (lounge and kitchen).
2 If nuisance is stated, use will be terminated immediately without refund. The supply of electricity, lighting, heating and air conditioning of The Suite Amsterdam can be controlled remotely. In case of violation of the house rules, we reserve the right to interrupt the supply of these services (permanently) without refund, to terminate the visit immediately, and to charge the maximum deposit of €250.
3 We are a Bed and Breakfast facility and strictly follow municipal regulations. This means that we use the maximum number of 4 people who can be present in The Suite Amsterdam at the same time. The first two persons are included in the rental price. For other persons, a surcharge of €65,- per unique person who enters the building applies, regardless of the duration of his or her presence. Additional persons must be registered in advance with the management of The Suite Amsterdam. Violation of this rule means immediate termination of the stay in The Suite Amsterdam. We also reserve the right to charge the maximum deposit amount of €250. In addition to the loss of the deposit, the costs of eviction are at least €300.
4 The tenant is responsible for The Suite Amsterdam and all objects present in The Suite Amsterdam. Loss or damage  of the object or interior is at the expense of the tenant. The tenant accepts the financial consequences in the event of loss or damage. In case of damage to furniture and/or material, the replacement costs will be charged. Deposit is by credit card or cash in advance, costs due to damage, breakage or loss of materials/accessories will be settled via the credit card or cash deposit issued.
5 The Suite Amsterdam has a BDSM theme. The interior and accessories support the theme, but the presence of specific furniture, accessories or other inventory is never guaranteed. We always recommend that you take care of the presence of your favourite accessories.
6 You must identify yourself at check-in with a valid ID with a clear photo, name and address details. The copy of this proof of identity is only used in case of legal irregularities. Your data will be destroyed when you leave The Suite Amsterdam.
7 The Suite Amsterdam is not liable for goods left behind or other forgotten materials.
8 We use registered and encrypted keys. If a key is lost, we must replace the lock and keys for the safety of all future guests. If you lose the key to the front door, you pay €250 for replacement and repair costs.
9 Check-in and check-out rules;
– We would like to ask you to be present at the agreed time. In case of delay, please notice us at least 4 hours in advance. The Suite Amsterdam has no reception, so our host/hostess will wait especially for you. The timely adjustment of the check-in time is free of charge. The extra costs for waiting for the host after the agreed time are €15 per half hour or part of half an hour. We do not charge for the first fifteen minutes.
We strongly recommend that you follow the rules regarding the checkout. This prevents deductions from your security deposit or charges against your credit card.
10 The Suite Amsterdam is not responsible for damage arising in or in relation to The Suite Amsterdam or otherwise related to The Suite Amsterdam.
11 Cancellations;
We charge 50% of the booking amount in case of cancellation more than thirty (30) days before the date of arrival.
We charge 100% of the booking amount in the event of cancellation less than thirty (30) days before the date of arrival or in the event of no cancellation.
Reservations are non transferable to third parties and can not be rescheduled.

Please note!!! No leniency will be exercised in the event of cancellations due to contamination by Covid-19 or travel restrictions as a result of measures imposed by the central government regarding Covid-19. Only in case of closure, due to government measures, of The Suite Amsterdam will we refund the full reservation.

12 The tenant is liable for all fines imposed on the landlord or property owners that arise from non-compliance with the house rules/general conditions during the stay. The tenant is also liable for all legal procedures and legal costs arising from non-compliance with the user rules. The tenant is also responsible for the loss of income resulting from non-compliance with the house rules/terms and conditions.
13 The presence of minors is explicitly not allowed in The Suite Amsterdam.
14 Pets are explicitly not allowed in The Suite Amsterdam.
15 All prices are excluding breakfast and linen (€20). The additional costs for using the mirror room is €40 for evening reservations. The mirror room is included in reservations from 1300 hrs till 1000 hrs.
16 Failure to comply with our house rules/terms and conditions may result in immediate termination of the rental and eviction without any refund. We also reserve the right to charge the full deposit of €250 (in retrospect), without possibility of correspondence. In case of suspected violation of the house rules, we are authorised to enter The Suite Amsterdam without prior permission. We are also authorised to grant third parties permission to enter The Suite Amsterdam.
17 In connection with your privacy, any credit card charges will be charged without reference to The Suite Amsterdam. Bank and/or credit card charges will be borne by the cardholder.
18 Administration costs are at least €50 per promotion.

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