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If, in addition to a great time in The Suite, you still have time and desire to see something of Amsterdam, you can of course do so! Amsterdam is a city that never sleeps, where there is always something to do and where there is something fun for everyone. Visit one of the many museums, restaurants or shops or go wild at one of the fun parties or festivals.

Below is our TOP 10!

1. Bananenbar www.bananenbar.nl

In the middle of the Red Light District you will find the nicest and surprising bar in Amsterdam, the Bananenbar. Needless to say, the banana plays a central role in this! The scantily clad waitresses that will make your heart beat faster will ensure that your glass is always full! The bar is on the first floor and contains a large bar where the ladies show their tricks. It’s the perfect location to hang out with your friends or celebrate a bachelor party. Do not miss it! All this in the most eccentric caf├ę in Amsterdam, the Bananenbar!
2. Bananenclub www.bananenclub.nl

Let yourself be seduced by the sensual dancers. The atmosphere in the strip club is friendly and invites both men and women to come and enjoy a drink and all the feminine beauty. Let your imagination run wild, treat yourself or your partner to a lap dance and be seduced by these sexy ladies. You can also opt for a pole dance or table dance.

3. Cassa Rosso www.cassarosso.nl

Amsterdam is the erotic capital of the world with Casa Rosso at the epicenter of it
erotic entertainment. The theater with the pink elephant on the facade is not to be missed during your
visit. As you sit back in a comfortable red velvet chair and enjoy a
drink you will be entertained by a wide variety of erotic shows performed by
talented international erotic artists. The lush performers sometimes integrate
art, sometimes humor in her show and maybe even interaction with the audience.

4. Hospital bar www.hospitalbar.nl

In the hospital bar you can lounge on one of the comfortable hospital beds
you feel like you are in a real hospital. You can while enjoying a delicious drink
enjoy the most beautiful women dressed as nurses throughout the evening, the ladies
will entertain you with their seductive pole dancing acts.

5. Erotic Museum www.erotisch-museum.nl

Amsterdam is one of the oldest and historically richest cities in the world, Amsterdam has a
erotic history. You will be welcomed by a typical Dutch girl in a very
special bicycle… Take a look at the SM floor and improve your history and art knowledge
with a nice theme. Also check out La Galerie provocatrice or Sexy Art Gallery, which was recently added.

6. Palace of melancholy www.paleis-van-de-weemoed.nl

We’re glad you’re here! In Amsterdam’s most beautiful theater restaurant. Visit our website and you will versteld staan van onze culinaire en theatrale combinatie.
Our artists, friendly
employees, tasty dishes, and our authentic atmosphere will make your visit to the Palace of
Melancholy to create the perfect night out.

7. Supperclub www.supperclub.amsterdam

Supperclub is more than a restaurant, gallery, bar or club. It’s all. Supperclub is a
place where like-minded people find each other and go home with a story. Supperclub brings you a
evening full of spectacle, from surprising food concepts, exciting music, provocative
performances artistic visuals. Everyone plays a role, even you, and fills the silver screen, that is the Supper Club.

8. Suppercruise www.supperclubcruise.nl

Cruise along the river and watch the flashing lights of Amsterdam go by.
Enjoy our delicious food and our special staff who will complete your evening. Lie down comfortably
on our white lounge sofas and enjoy the entertainment.

9. Dining in the dark www.ctaste.nl

A visit to Amsterdam Ctaste is not like a visit to an ordinary restaurant. In Ctaste you
will enjoy eating in complete darkness…Dining in the dark you will experience sensations that
you have never experienced before you will experience a journey of taste, sound and touch and that
all in the dark.

10. Boom Chicago http:www.boomchicago.nl

Boom Chicago is a smart and funny comedy show in the theater on the Rozengracht Amsterdam.
A Boom show is a fast-paced mix of sharp lyrics, improvisations, video, music and
technology. You and your friends will enjoy a show while sipping a glass of wine or a
real Amsterdam beer

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